Robert Machold, PhD


Director, PPG Transgenic Core




Education and Training: 

  • 1997: Ph.D. in Biology, M.I.T., Hidde Ploegh Lab (now at Whitehead Institute)
  • 1991: B.S. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University

Current or Past Study:
At present, I am studying the early embryonic development of the cerebellum, with a focus on the molecular signaling events that lead to the segregation of rhombic lip derivatives from the ventricular neuroepithelium. Through a combination of technical approaches including transgenic and retroviral mediated gain-of-function, as well as conditional loss-of-function, I have found that Notch signaling plays a crucial role in maintaining a ventricular progenitor population, and may act by antagonizing rhombic lip derived signals such as BMPs. Utilizing the chick electroporation system, I am currently exploring the epistasis between Notch and BMP signaling that appears to be critical for maintaining the balance between rhombic lip and ventricular germinal zones.