Marc Fuccillo, MD, PhD


Postdoctoral Fellow, Rob Malenka and Tom Südhof Labs, Stanford University School of Medicine


Education and Training: 

  • 2008: M.D., NYU School of Medicine, NY
  • 2007: Ph.D. in Developmental Genetics, Gordon Fishell Lab, Skirball Institute, NYU School of Medicine, NY
  • 1998: B.A. with honors in Biology, Brown University

Current or Past Study:
While in Gord's lab, I worked on multiple projects ranging from early telencephalic pattering events to the specification of mature cortical interneuron subtypes. My thesis, entitled " Mechanisms for the Development of Cortical Interneuron Diversity within the Developing Mouse Telencephalon," focused largely on fate-mapping work, done in collaboration with Dr. Simon Butt, linking cortical interneuron subtype with their region of origin within the ventral telencephalic eminences. My research incorporated diverse techniques including transgenic mouse design, ultrasound-guided embryonic cellular transplants, conditional gene ablation and acute-slice whole cell electrophysiology recordings. My medical interests include psychiatric illnesses (in particular, obsessive-compulsive disorder and major depression/bipolar disorder) and their genetic underpinnings. In the future, I hope to combine mouse genetics with physiological studies of synaptic transmission and neuromodulation of forebrain-specific neural circuits implicated in major psychiatric disorders.